I’ve known a good friend of mine for about 7 years now. He started out as a technology engineer, but was always almost obnoxiously curious about how things worked, especially systems of success.

He is now well on his way to becoming a top notch serial entrepreneur.

In a conversation last night I was really inspired by how far he has come in the way he looks at things. Here are the qualities that I appreciated the most from our conversation:

  • Laser focused on his intention
  • Passionately interested and an active listener about what makes other people successful
  • Willing to document and attempt new ideas
  • Willingness to learn
  • Genuine desire to help
  • Strong vision and values

Thanks AK announced today that it has re-branded it’s image and has launched an all new website – – to offer Information Technology professionals the ability to network not only at their monthly 5:01 meetings, but on the web as well.

“We came to the realization that not everyone can make it out to our happy hour meetings because of obligations, we wanted to give people the ability to network online as well. Users can now utilize a message forum, can post events on an interactive calendar, and share files with other like-minded people in the area.” says founder Bob Waltenspiel.

Waltenspiel continues, “DetroitNET was started initially to be the anti-group. My network of business colleagues and friends would always discuss how we couldn’t stand attending meetings where we would have to pay a $20 cover to only be hounded by people who were only interested in themselves. We also didn’t really care to listen to guest speakers and sponsors. We simply want to meet people in our industry to build long-lasting friendships and business relationships. Thus, DetroitNET was born.”

DetroitNET continues to offer IT professionals in Detroit an online and offline networking forum where their name will never be sold, members will be filtered to only allow technology sales, end-users, management, and recruiters be a part of the group, your name will always be held in the utmost privacy, and it will never cost you a dime (not counting your bar tab).

Membership to will be free and takes less than a minute.

Founded in 2001, DetroitNET’s mission has been to create a venue for Information Technology professionals in Metro Detroit to offer a safe and agenda-free networking venue without the pressures of sponsorships, name selling, or pushy salespeople. DetroitNET re-branded in 2008 to offer an online forum to network as well as our monthly meetings at various bars in the Metro Detroit area. For more information, visit

Charlie Wollborg (partner and chief troublemaker for Detroit advertising powerhouse curve detroit), just sent me a message that I had to share with you all.  Twitter is something that I’ve heard mixed reviews of.  Well, I’m “following” Charlie now… great lunch, by the way.

“Set Your Search Engine Ranking aTwitter
Twitter is the next big thing — but most companies don’t know how to take advantage of it.

First things first. What the hell is Twitter? This quick video describes it well in plain English.

Yippie. Why should I care?

Because Twitter users are early adopters and influencers. They blog. They recommend new sites. They download new applications. And they love to try new products. If you’re a fan of The Tipping Point you understand the benefit of having the mavens enamored with your brand.

Don’t take my word for it. Take a gander at this research: Twitter users are cool hunters, opinion leaders. They hunger for what’s now, what’s new and what’s next.

The other big reason? Google loves fresh content. Fresh content leads to higher search engine results. There isn’t much fresher than what you’re doing right now.  We integrate our twitter content into the pages of our web site.

Need some help making Twitter work for your brand and your search engine optimization strategy? I just happen to read about a cool little advertising, marketing and design firm in Pontiac on Twitter the other day…

Extra Credit
Using web videos to promote your brand.

Over the top? Definitely
Annoying? A bit.
But no one is using web videos, twitter and social networks for business like GV.

This short wild goose chase started in response to comments on his blog and end with me giving up my contact info. He executes this stuff amazingly fast. And I believe it is super effective. He makes me want to drink wine again.

His other sites:

Charlie Wollborg  – curve detroit

Great Detroit based networking site.