It’s my own fault. I’ve not been to RomaCafe for years. So many other options in Detroit dining. I kind of forgot about this place, even though a friend (Chris Burrows) just mentioned it to me.

After 127 years feeding people great food Roma Cafe closed in July 2017.

Former Roma chef Guy Pelino (who took over the kitchen in 2014) has re-opened and re-launched under the name Amore da Roma. Beautiful renovation replaced the roof and floors and updated the interior, even added great art tastefully placed. Oh, and you can buy it if you’ve got a couple grand burning a hole in your pocket and space on your wall. But I digress.

When my date turned up her nose at the menu of my late reservations score (I was impressed with myself, she not so much), I had to call an audible and went to an old safe standby.

So much more than a standby. It still has the same feel. The same atmosphere. Updated but with the same great recipes. Improved and executed flawlessly.

Valet to greeting were spot on. We were seated in our designated spot in no time.

Our waiter, Nick, was attentive but never ever annoying.

Our party of 7 ordered caprese salad (2), garlic cheese toast (2) and roasted peppers (1) for appetizers. Delicious. There are other appetizers including what looks like a good charcuterie board, calamari and other assorted. Fans of Roma Cafe will recognize the menu and love it. .

The minestrone soup was perfectly seasoned. I’m a nut for salt and pepper, a dash of each and it was great.

The 65-day aged Ribeye was quite possibly the best steak ever. I’m getting old, and I don’t remember a steak I liked better, but I can’t ever seem to remember where I put my keys, so take that commentary with a grain of salt.

Other menu highlights were the broiled salmon, gnocchi with meat sauce (plenty of alternatives like marinara and tomato basil sauce for our vegetarian diners.

We had spaghetti marinara, chicken scaloppine ala Toscana, cheese ravioli and spaghetti with meat sauce.

Dessert was tiramisu (2) and two cannolis. That was enough to share and the tiramisu was delightful. Coffee is as good as it gets and if I closed my eyes the cappuccino tasted and smelled as though a barista from Mercato Centrale Firenze just handed it to me.

5 out of 5. I’d completely forgotten how great their food is, and quite possibly it’s better than ever.

I’ll be back. Soon. Need to try the parmigiana. And the creme brulee. And a hand truck so I can be wheeled out to my car.

Till next time, stay spicy.