These aren’t platitudes. This is real. Thousands have based their entire success platform on these ideas. Internalize them. It will make you better in anything and every thing in your life. Don’t agree? Post here. Let’s argue it out.

What gets in the way of us as humans is taking our fears and translating them into action.

“Daring dreams can be great things. Daring dreams have changed the world. Galileo had daring dreams to see the planets and developed the first telescope. Lindbergh had a daring dream and flew solo across the Atlantic Ocean. Ford had a daring dream, so did Ray Kroc, John F. Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr.

Daring dreams change the world. But there is a difference between a daring dream and a mere daydream. One fires you up and moves you forward. The other is nothing more than wishful thinking. Daring dreams are worth dying on the hill to take them. Daydreams do little more than make you want to take a nap.”

-John Maxwell

My purpose for 2018: To finish what I start. To do things that matter. To execute. To honor my Creator. To mentor and be mentored. To coach and take coaching. To take responsibility for all my faults, all my failures and own my wins. To increase my level of efficiency with my team.

I will be grateful. I will listen. I will be on time.

In 2014 I was miserable. I weighed 313 lbs. I didn’t recognize myself in the mirror. Frustrated. Between health issues and not knowing what lay ahead, I was overwhelmed.

With amazing support from my mentors, family and friends, I’m happy to report I weighed in at 223 lbs on Friday, and moving that right along.

Work wise, I had my best performance year yet in 2017, and I’m just getting started.

I want to challenge all of you, every one. What are you going to do that matters? Who will you share your goals with? What will you commit to your own education?

Take whatever your handicaps are, and make them work for you. Don’t be afraid to be audacious. Set huge goals and get an accountability partner to hold you responsible for meeting your objectives.

Do something that matters. Beat you. It’s time. Don’t procrastinate, do it now.