My favorite pastime is undoubtedly reading. I read for education, enlightenment, entertainment, escape, distraction…

So in doing some reading today, I followed a couple of links to check out the progression of e-book technology.

Kindle books outsold “real” books on Christmas day. I was happy to see that this just meant that this was just on Christmas Day. (As people got their Kindles, they bought books – most people probably were NOT on Amazon on Christmas day.)

Still, though, over 9.5 million items for the Kindle were ordered on Christmas day according to the company’s press release. This means that the idea of the “physical book” is beginning to be less important to us as consumers.

I don’t know. I don’t have any ebook technology yet. I’m not sure that I’ll ever simply replace physical books with ebooks. I enjoy the tactile experience of books too much. Even down to dog eared pages and bulky hardbacks…

The one place I think I would really see ebooks being a huge add is when traveling. I tend to take 2-3 books on even short business trips, and I’m sure the weight isn’t great for my spinal health. Having a reader – would be great for that. At home, however, I like the idea of my bookshelves and browsing them just fine.

I like the info on Kurzweil‘s platform called Blio… Blio “actually lays out the “pages” as they would be seen on paper, with typography and illustrations copied across. It also supports video and animation. In some ways, it’s reminiscent of the interactive magazine applications (also meant for upcoming tablet devices) shown off by the likes of Time Warner, Popular Science publisher Bonnier and Wired’s parent company Conde Nast.”

In the end, I’m going to be watching this technology closely. I hope to see some cool advances as this progresses, and yes – this WILL be my next electronic toy purchase.

Now to decide which one…

What do you use? Any pointers on picking a good technology? What has been your experience? Do you see ebooks replacing (in whole or in part) your ownership of physical books?

Let me know… It’s my first pressing question of the New Year!