Shannon Paul makes some really great points in her article on utilizing social networks and influencers.  In fact, it’s so well written that, instead of wasting your time looking at my comments on it, you should simply click over and check it out!

The fact is that social media is not limited to millennials.  Whomever your target demographic is, you should be interested in understanding how to best promote your business, draw customers and quality employees by supporting your branding and advertising activities on the web utilizing social media sites in a strategic manner.

I’ve played with social media personally for quite some time, and am just working on how to translate some of our communications professionally (my day job).

Some of my favorite key reference points on the subject: – A series of three video webinars where they interview over 30 top names in social media and Internet marketing and get their best thoughts on how tools like blogs, social networks, wikis, and podcasts are changing the way companies do business. – Chris Brogan advises businesses, organizations and individuals on how to use social media and social networks to build relationships and deliver value. – General Seth Godin plug… his blog is a must follow (oh, and read his books too – one of the most prolific of the truly trustworthy resources on the subject) – One of my favorite marketing company’s blog.  Very web/media aware and a fun read!

These are simply some of my favorites.  What are yours?  What has your social media experience been?

Next up, some of my favorite “social media” sites and communities.