Got Guts? Entrepreneurial Stories Wanted for Possible Inclusion in a new book. go to for details and story submission.

As we look at our businesses and those of the people around us, we see amazing creativity and variety. Intentional Entrepreneurs. Visionary Entrepreneurs. Managing Entrepreneurs. And those who call themselves “Accidental” Entrepreneurs. Our ranks are diverse, our stories often surprising. We can learn from the tales of the rich and famous, to be sure, but the surprising tales of everyday people who have transformed their lives by a single decision – or a series of circumstances – are generally far more enlightening and entertaining. And that is precisely the “Question” of this book project – the inspirational tales of “everyday” entrepreneurs, and an unscientific view into the hearts and minds of those who take the journey.

For some of us, “success” IS a financial statement with lots of zeros and commas. For others, “success” may mean being home when the kids get off the school bus, having the ability to work from remote locations, or never having to punch a clock. We’re not interested in your financials. What we want is a view into your heart, your mind, your guts – a look at what’s made you brave enough to take the entrepreneurial journey.

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– Linda Anger
Thank you – Dave Glen