In today’s reading, I came across a new blog that I wanted to share called Remarkable Communication. In diving into the articles, this is going to become a regular read for me.

There’s a particularly good article called The Nice Guy’s Guide to Authority.

I’d like to consider myself a “nice guy” and I can relate to the challenge of maintaining authority, while remaining true to my personality and values.

Here are the bullet points and a couple of highlights from the article.  I’d highly recommend checking it out.  It’s good advice:

“…sometimes nice guys don’t project a sense of authority. Everyone wants to spend time with us, but they don’t necessarily want to do what we tell them to.

And make no mistake, my friends, we want them to do what we tell them to.

Here are a few observations I’ve made recently by carefully watching and modeling supremely nice people who also have massive authority and credibility. As I’m using these techniques more consciously myself, I’m seeing a significant shift in how I’m perceived.

  • Be incredibly good
  • Know where you are going
  • Know your core
  • Get your ego out of the way
  • Be disarming”