Perhaps this is a post better suited to a Friday. However, I am certainly benefiting from putting it into practice THIS week…

I’ve moved away from tasking in Outlook/smart phone, and moved to a simple “Cambridge” brand “Things to do Today” notebook. And it’s working.

I am committed to better planning of my days and weeks. Planning not only increases your efficiency, it also adds to the value of the time you spend outside of work. I will not pretend that any of us who has chosen sales as our career can often “turn off” work when we’re away from it, but the better plan we have (and the more confidence we have in it), the more quality our time with our families, our friends, and ourselves.

Here are some parts of my processes for planning:

1) Every Friday by end of business, I plan my Monday. Monday’s are office days for me – full of meetings. I create and review schedules for Monday meetings, and create my list for the day.

2) Every evening, prior to leaving my office, I compile my task list for the following day. Anything I did not delegate or accomplish on the current day, I delegate or plan for the following day.

3) I stick to my lists. If an ad/hoc item comes up, I write it down and prioritize it. This helps me weigh value, AND track my level of production for the day.

4) I delegate as much as possible. Up AND down.

5) I close my door. Whether you work in a cubicle or an office, devise a way to say to the outside world, “I’m busy”, and stick to your guns as much as possible.

In today’s economic climate, and fast paced working environment, it’s important to be flexible and dynamic. It’s easy to forget the value of structure.

Efficiency is measured not by what you say yes to, but what is actually completed.

Sounds simple, and it is.  It’s already positively impacted me this week.

What are some of your best practices for planning and lists?