Great Fast Company interview with Michael Arrington

Time Magazine Influential Person 2008

If you haven’t heard of Michael Arrington, head on over to his blog, “Tech Crunch“.

“TechCrunch, founded on June 11, 2005, is a weblog dedicated to obsessively profiling and reviewing new Internet products and companies. In addition to covering new companies, we profile existing companies that are making an impact (commercial and/or cultural) on the new web space.

TechCrunch is co-edited by Michael Arrington and Erick Schonfeld.”  (Erick Schonfeld formerly ran the Next Net Blog at the now defunct/CNN absorbed Business 2.0, one of my favorite business/tech magazines.)

Time calls Arrington, “one of the most influential figures on the Web”, and it’s easy to see why as you dig into the blog.  This has quickly become one of my favorite places to visit.

It’s a great combination of technology news and entertaining commentary and projections.

Check it out.

Some of my favorite recent stories:

Facebook friend’s data has already left the barn

Storyblender brings a goofy side to casual animation checks your site for spelling

Worth checking out.