As you probably already know, I believe that reading and self education is the single best mechanism to guarantee your own success and to take responsibility for it.

One of the things we’re focusing on as a team right now is the question, “What is the MOST valuable activity I can take part in RIGHT NOW?”

In our sales meeting this morning, I reviewed some information from Gitomer’s “Little Platinum Book of CHA-CHING” with my team.

These “Little Books” from Gitomer are some of the best “No BS” sales books.  He has taken his own experience, as well as information his favorite books and mentors, and taken out the fluff – leaving in the meat of the matter – great, bulleted information.

Here’s an excerpt that we discussed this morning – really great as a checklist:

From Jeffrey Gitomer’s “Little Platinum Book of Cha-Ching

“Think about taking action on each of these twelve business thoughts every day:

1)    How can I uncover new customers?
2)    How can I make myself a better presenter?
3)    How does my customer profit from using my product?
4)    How did I better myself today?
5)    What did I learn new?
6)    How can I serve better?
7)    Is my attitude better today than it was yesterday?
8)    Are my customers loyal today?
9)    How am I investing my time today?
10)    Did I get a referral today?
11)    Did I give a referral today?
12)    Did I work on my legacy today?

Then try these six personal thoughts:

1)    How connected am I with the ones I love?
2)    What can I do each day to stay better connected and dshow more love?
3)    What am I doing for myself that’s making me a better person?
4)    What could I (should I) be doing to improve myself and my quality of life?
5)    What am I doing to have more laughs and more fun?
6)    What am I doing to think deeper and challenge myself every day?

Thinking, like any other action, is a discipline.

YOU decide your own outcome based on you desire and self-determination.  It’s not just thinking – it’s capturing your thoughts and turning them into reality.

If you think you have a good thought or idea, just try it.  Part of converting thoughts into actions is risk.  The best way to look at risk is an opportunity to achieve and grow.

Set aside “THINK!” time.  Make a THINK appointment every day, even if it’s only 15 minutes.”