It’s finally spring in Michigan.  Even though it’s not green yet, the birds are chirping, and so are the frogs.

This winter’s been a little tough for me.  I didn’t do any skiing out west, and no snowmobiling either.  It was mostly about hibernation.  During all this hibernation, there were also windstorms, and it just so happens that, in my neighborhood, a few people’s trash blew over on trash day, as our intrepid trashman heroes (sanitation engineers) were late because of the snow.  So, a few Christmas presents, a couple of pizza boxes, and assorted plastic bags blew into the wetlands areas surrounding our sub.

It’s my son’s 6th birthday party today, and this morning, I woke up, told my boys to put some sweatshirts on, and we ventured out through the prickers in the woods with trashbags.

Don’t get me wrong – we live in a great neighborhood, but we picked up THREE TRASHBAGS full of, well, trash.  In not much time.  And my boys had a blast.

Trash is quickly becoming one of my pet peeves.  One thing I’ve purposed now though is that I am dedicated to not just being annoyed.  I’m going to also make a change in my behavior.  Instead of just not littering, I will (and my family will) start picking up.  Not just after ourselves, but after other people.  It takes very little time, and busy-ness can no longer be an excuse for us.

It’s not even about being an environmentalist.  It’s about making my neighborhood, my city, my metro area, a more comfortable and better place to live – here, now, my family, my friends, and myself.