I don’t know about you, but I already spend too much time on the phone. is a social networking site that allows you to meet people without, well, meeting people. Allows you to “socially network” before actually giving any key personal information.

From their about page:


Personality Speaks

Email and chat rooms. They’ve done wonders for connecting people all over the world. But typed words alone can’t convey the subtleties that someone’s voice expresses – the emotion, the tone, the pacing of their speech, etc. These vocal qualities are key indicators of someone’s personality – and of how well you are likely to get along with them.

We need to be thinking beyond the text-messaging, PDA and MP3 players. The real challenge today is making the technology accessible to everyone. Social networking would do better by being socially acceptable for us all. What if anyone could access an Internet-based social network using only a telephone to make new friends or ask for help?

That’s why – unlike other web-based social networking sites that instigate initial connections via email – allows you to actually hear a member’s voice before learning anything else about them. By hearing their voice profile first, you get a better feeling about that person before deciding to make contact. It’s a more efficient way to increase your odds of making a lasting social connection. And a more personal one, too.


Privacy Prevails

One of things about using is that it protects your personal contact information and privacy. Every time a member connects with another, the connection is actually made through’s network – not through your personal phone line. This means your phone number and other personal information is never revealed to another member unless you decide to give them that information on your own.


Clearer, Stronger Connections

By actually speaking to someone – as opposed to just sending them an email – you can express whatever it is you want to say more quickly, directly, and often more clearly. And with you can speak to people all over the country for FREE or a low monthly membership fee. That’s right – you’ll actually avoid long distance phone fees entirely! And once you become a member, you don’t need to sit in front of your computer to use our service. is as portable as your cell phone. Which means you can be virtually anywhere while you’re meeting and speaking to new people. is about making new connections across the map in an efficient, inexpensive and easy way. It’s for those who want to use technology to reach out to others without losing the human element. For those who still love good old-fashioned talking. And for those who appreciate the power, intrigue, and revealing qualities only voice can deliver.

Here are some of their listed benefits…

  • Calling and receiving calls from other members without ever revealing your phone number or any other personal information.
  • Hearing someone’s voice before you decide to speak with them, which gives you valuable insight as to what they are like before you make a connection.
  • Managing your calls and buddies online.
  • Using from anywhere you can take your cell phone (once you’re a member).
  • Finding help with a particular problem (technical, household, etc.) from other buddies.
  • Developing a selective community of friends, partners, professionals and associates of all ages, backgrounds, professions and interests.
  • Connecting with long distance callers without being charged for more than what you pay for your monthly membership fee.
  • A clean, positive and wholesome community which does not tolerate obscenities or offensive negativity.
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