I just came across a really interesting site.

It’s a new recruiting service / social networking site for contract professionals called Blue Chip Expert.

It requires a referral, and is designed for full and part time contract professionals and specialists; they focus on helping “top corporations to hire the best “expert” for projects they need to staff”. The site talks about how increasing specialization in every profession has created the need for an efficient marketplace to find and hire top people with specific talent – again for small consulting gigs, long term projects, and permanent employment.

They also have a revenue sharing program that pays you for consulting referrals.

Here is a link to get into the site and check it out for yourself:


I found it to be an interesting site, and I’ll be watching it, and other social networking / job search sites. The registration process is fairly painless, and I think it represents an interesting new trend. It’s an original idea, and I’ll be interested to see where it goes, and what kind of copycat services pop up and/or improve on the concept.