I’d actually not heard of these before. It got me thinking though. What is it that is our philosophical legacy for ourselves, the people we interact with on a daily basis, or those we might leave behind? Some of the people that I admire the most live, and will continue to live in my life, through their impact on my life, even if they’re gone, or if we don’t keep in touch.

In doing some casual web research, I found some really insightful links.

This article from Science and Spirit magazine gives an anecdote about the concept, and a spiritual commentary.

Wikipedia remains one of my favorite sources for information, and provides an articulate, if short, history. I did notice a link at the bottom that asked that the article be “Wikified” with instructions, and I’d not seen that before. … the Internet.
I also found this link that http://www.ethicalwill.com that provides a link to software. It does pitch a book on the subject, but it’s a shareware download- suggested $10 cost. No matter whom this appears to be designed for (I’ll let you make that judgement), I think that this is a legitimate process for the living. Not only to leave someone else a legacy, but also to define your legacy to yourself.

Interesting concept.